The Wizard of Ozone.

Somewhere along a spiralling, Milky White Way, the robot Solo - named after the SOLar Observatory it is part of - is surprised to find little Munching Creatures on a fiery charcoal Brick.

In the film 'The Frog in the Coffee grinder' this discovery leads up to his exploration of the Wonderful World of O3, our Earth, with it's fabulous variety of horned, striped, long-necked, feathered or two-legged creatures. Without O3 - or Ozone, as most of us know it - none of these creatures could exist, because it blocks a harmful light, of a colour just beyond those of the Rainbow.

Here, on it's home planet, the tin man meets philosopher Pleijnaer, who Believes he has no Soul, construction worker Tony, who Thinks he has no Brain, and physicist Bernadette, who Feels she has no Heart.

Click on the picture below for some fascinating details on the kind of things Solo is examining (ever heard of the Asymptotic Giant?).