This cinematic fairytale deals with Time, Space, the Nature of Matter and the Wizard of Oz. So anyone with a keen interest in science is most welcome to the films' half an hours worth of good humoured contemplation, in the time-honoured tradition of Edwin A. Abbott's 'Flatland'.

The Frog in the Coffee Grinder' is made by Dutch Production Company Jos van der Pal Audio-Visuele Producties and its world premiere took place on August 22nd of 2003. Fitting location for this event was the wide screen theatre of Space Expo, located at the facilities of the European Space Agency in the Dutch beach resort of Noordwijk. The film has been selected for the competition of the International Scientific Film Festival in Hungary, as well as the Filmspiegel programme of the Muenster Filmfestival (along with other Dutch films 'Godforsaken' by Pieter Kuijpers, 'Interview' by Theo van Gogh and 'Yes Nurse, No Nurse' by Pieter Kramer).